When You Need Quick Cash, Get a Pawn Loan

Dan's Pawn has two convenient pawn shop locations in St Andrews and Springfield to serve local Panama City residents who need money quickly and without hassles‚ whether via a sale of goods or a pawn transaction.  We can buy your unwanted gold, silver and platinum, as well as rare coins, objects of art, diamond jewelry, and much more at all our stores. If you need money today, bring in your valuable items to pawn or sell to one of our Dan's Pawn stores. Credit checks are unnecessary and in a matter of minutes you’ll walk out with cash in your pocket. Come see us today at our locations in historic St Andrews or Springfield. 


The average pawn loan is $75 :: (with the vast majority of loans being in the range of $20-150)  

The contract period is 60 days total :: (it’s actually a 30 day contract, with a 30 day grace period)  

Total monthly service charges are 25% :: (includes 2%/mo. interest, +storage fee’s & overhead)


Selling vs Pawning  


Selling your item(s)  

When you sell your item you cannot pick it up later  

SOLD items are held for 30 days before going out for sale  


Pawning your item(s)  

A pawn is a 30 day loan, with a 30 day grace period  

Services charges are added monthly  

No credit check is required  

We use the pawned item as collateral  

We loan up to 50% of resell value  

Resell value is about 50% of retail value  

Pawn items are held at least 60 days before going out for sale



Dan's Pawn - St Andrews

1315 Beck Avenue

Panama City, FL 32401


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Dan's Pawn - Springfield

3214 E Highway 98

Panama City, FL 32401


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