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Date of Visit


Pawn Ticket Number (or Sales Receipt Number)

Employee Who Helped You

Which Store Did You Visit?

1) How Long did it take to be greeted?

2) Did the greeter make eye contact with you?

3) Was the greeting pleasant?

4) Did the employee offer assistance past the greeting?

5) Was the employee knowledgeable about the product?

6) Was the employee fuly engaged with you during your shopping experience? (Or were they distracted?)

7) Was the store clean and presentable?

8) Did the store smell good?

9) Was there music or tvs playing something that was offensive?

10) Was any of the merchandise dirty?

11) Were any of the store's shevles or displays dirty and/or unorganized?

12) Did you hear inappropriate conversations from employees, if so explain.

13) Were all the employees groomed and professional looking?

Dan's Pawn - St Andrews

1315 Beck Avenue

Panama City, FL 32401


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Dan's Pawn - Springfield

3214 E Highway 98

Panama City, FL 32401


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